When you choose us, you will be partnering with a family-owned company with an experienced team. We value learning highly and have deep knowledge of the training market. An open society mindset, an appreciation of learning, a thorough and detailed working style and a sense of humour have kept siblings Helina and Margo Loor working together as a tandem for the past 17 years. They have been in the training business together since 2006, both in the training and consultancy company SpeakSmart and now in new companies TMS Trainable and Learning Design.

Working together, working for you!

Helina Loor


Helina has a bachelor's and master's degree in andragogy (adult education) from Tallinn University and has founded and managed training companies since 2012. 

She is currently the founding partner and an instructional designer in the learning design company Õpidisain, is a member of the board of Association of Estonian Training and Consulting Companies and visiting lecturer in the adult education Masters program in Tallinn University.  

Previously she has worked as Head of Training in communication agency Akkadian, has been the founder and a member of board of SpeakSmart OÜ, a training and consultancy company from 2006-2020, worked as an HR manager at Theatre NO99 and as a training assistant at the Estonian branch of Oracle East Central Europe Limited, and as a project manager at Tallinn Conferences. In addition, in 2020-2022 Helina worked in the Victim Support Department of the Social Insurance Board on issues of violence against women. 

Helina has very strong organisational and project management skills. Over the last twenty years, she has been involved in a wide range of projects, events and training. She has been the main organiser of the European Debating Championships 2008 in Tallinn, the project manager of NO99 Main Theatre in 2011, deputy organiser of the European Film Awards Gala 2010, and the main organiser of the European Debating Championships Final Gala 2017 in Tallinn at the Nordea Concert Hall. In addition, Helina has organised dozens of smaller Estonian and international events, conferences and, for the past 15 years, the services at the training and consultancy company SpeakSmart.

Helina has been a member of supervisory board at the Estonian Debating Society and the Foundation for Civil Society and has contributed to the Estonian Opinion Festival since 2012. She continues to be a member of the NGO Estonian Debating Society.

In September 2020, Helina was awarded the title of Outstanding Alumni of Tallinn University for her work in developing Estonian debate and communication culture and popularising adult learning.

Margo Loor


Margo is one of the most experienced trainers of thinking, speaking and debating skills in Estonia. Since 1998, he has moderated discussions at seminars and conferences, and trained adults on persuasion, discussion and decision-making skills that are based on argumentation.

Margo has conducted trainings for corporate executives, auditors, sales teams, communication professionals, internal trainers, radio hosts, university lecturers and teachers, government employees, NGOs, and social enterprises. As a trainer, he has extensive experience of working with managers and teams in the private, public and voluntary sectors, both in terms of developing internal trainers and in interpersonal communication. Click here to read the SpeakSmart trainer profile for Margo Loor.

He has consulted the initiative and development of various debating programs (Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Nepal) and has worked as a trainer abroad (lectures at Chiang Mai University in Thailand, training sessions in Istanbul and many others).

Margo is also working in moderaator.ee as a discussion designer and facilitator. Click here to read his moderator profile.

In addition to his work as a trainer, moderator and learning designer, Margo is the CEO of CitizenOS, an IT company. Previous leadership experience comes from both social entrepreneurship and the private sector. Margo has worked as a lawyer, 6 years as a portfolio manager at the Good Deed Foundation (launching several social enterprises such as the Youth to School and the Re-Use Center), 4 years as the CEO of Estonian Debating Society, leading it to become one of the largest NGOs in Estonia, and 3 years as the chairman of the supervisory board of the Estonian Network of Nonprofit Associations. He has a long experience in project and people management, which gives him the opportunity to complement his learning design with solutions to practical and everyday issues.

From feedback: "Margo's real-life experience, working examples of leadership and a very good understanding of the whole background system gives him the ability to be a convincing trainer. He is an expert in his field who can give practical tips on any related problem."